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60+Funny WhatsApp Status in English With Images

Are you looking for the best funny status in English for Whatsapp? Then definitely you reached the correct place, we have a lot. This funny Shayari in English can freshen up your mind. These make your day completely exciting. we love to have fun and also act funny to make other people happy. Funny jokes in English for WhatsApp status are a way to make others laugh or be enjoyable. There are various kinds of awesome funny statuses for WhatsApp in English that anyone can use. This is a collection of the best funny WhatsApp status images in English. If you are finding a status that makes you think, then check our collection of Attitude status for WhatsApp.

Funny Images for Whatsapp Status in English

In our best collection, here is funny status in English for you. You can easily download funny images and also share funny WhatsApp statuses.

  • People Often Say Laughter Is The Best Medicine, But They Neglect To Mention That An Overdose Can Cause One’S Ass Too Fall Off.
  • When I Call My Parents & They Don’t Answer It’s No Big Deal But When They Call Me & I Don’t Answer Its Like To World War Iii.
  •  I Changes My Password To “Incorrect” So Whenever I Forget What It Is, The Computer Will Say ” Your Password Is Incorrect “.
  • Whenever I Have A Panic Attach I Put A Brown Paper Big Over My Mouth…And Drink All Of The Vodka Inside It Seems To Help.
  • When You’re Stressed, You Eat Ice Cream, Cake, Chocolate & Sweets. Why? Because Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts.
funny status in English
  • I Wish Falling In Love Has Traffic Light Too, So That I Would Know If I Should Go For It, Slow Down, Or Just Stop.
  •  If People Are Talking About You Behind Your Back, Then Just Fart.
  • Life Is Too Short To Be Serious All The Time. So, If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself, Call Me….I’ll Laugh At You.
  • Life Is Too Short To Be Serious All The Time. So, If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself, Call Me….I’ll Laugh At You.
  •  Everything Happens For A Reason. But Sometimes The Reason Is That you You’Re Stupid And You Make Bad Decisions.
funny status in English
  • It’s Really Funny And Hilarious When the Wife Thinks She’s Punishing Her Husband By Not Talking To Him For Days.
  •  When Guys Get Jealous, It’s Actually Kind A Cute. When Girls Get Jealous World War Iii Is A About To Start
  • People Have Become Really Naughty On Whatsapp. Even Married Women Have Put Their Status As ” Available “.
  •  It Takes Real Skill To Choke On Air, Fall Up Stairs & Trip Over Completely Nothing. I Have That Skill.
  • No. I Am Not Single. I Am In A Long Distance Relationship Because My Future Boyfriend Lives In the Future.
Funny Status in English
  • People Say Everything Happens For A Reason, So When I Punch You In The Face, Remember I Have A Reason.
  • They Say That Love Is More Important Than Money, But Have Ever Tried To Pay Your Bills With A Hug?
  •  I Hate It When People Are At Your House & Ask ” Do You Have A Bathroom ?” No, We Pee In The Yard.
  • My Idea Of A Good Morning Is One When I Open My Eyes, Take A Deep Breath, Then Go Back To Sleep.
  • i’m Going To Stand Outside. So If Anyone Asks, I Am Outstanding.
Funny Attitude Status in English
  • I Will Slap You So Hard That Even Google is Won’T be Able To Find You.
  • Chocolates Come From Cocoa, Which Is a Tree. That Makes It A Plant….So Chocolate Is A Salad.
  • Always Speak The Truth No Matter How Bitter or Harsh It is. But Run Immediately After Saying It.
  • Sometimes I Wish I Was A Bird….So I Could Fly Over Certain People & Poop On Their Heads.
  • Long Time Ago I Used To Have A Life Until Someone Told Me To Get Into Social Networking.

Top Funny Quotes in English

  • I Hate When I Plan a Conversation In My Head & Other Person Doesn’T Follow The Damn Script.
  • Sometimes, I Forgot How To Spell A Word So I Change The Whole Sentence To Avoid Using It.
  •  Dear Math, Please Grow Up & Solve Your Own Problems. I’m Trying Of Solve Them For You.
  • I Smile Because of You’Re My Family. I Laugh Because There’s Nothing You Can Do About It. 
  •  Do Don’T Think Of Yourself As An Ugly Person. Think Of Yourself As A Beautiful Monkey.
Funny Status in English
  •  That Moment When You Miss One Step On The Stairs & You Think you You’Re About To Die.
  • During The Day, I Don’t Believe In Ghosts. Ar Night I’M Little More Open-Minded.
  •  i’m Super Lazy Today !! Which Is Like Normal Lazy, But I’M Also Wearing A Cape.
  • I Don’T Need A Hair Stylist, My Pillow Gives Me A New Hairstyle Every Morning.
  •  Am I Only The One Who Calculates How Much Sleep I Can Get Before Going To Bed?
Funny status in English With images
  • The Word ”Studying ” Was Made by Two Words Originally ” Students dying.
  •  I Wasn’T Mad. But Now That You Asked Me 7 Times If I’m Mad…Yes, I’m Mad!
  • I Will Do Anything Humanly Possible To Reach The Remote Without Getting Up.
  •  I Don’t Always Get Asked On A Date. But When I Do….It’S On April 1St.
  •  God Made Every Person Differently. He Got Tired By The Time He Got To China.
Funny Shayari in English
  • Sleeping Is My Drug. My Bed Is My Dealer & My Alarm Clock Is The Police.
  • My Goal This Weekend Is To Move Only Enough So People Know I’M Not Dead.
  •  I” M Going To Bed Really Means I’M Going To Lie In Bed And Go On My Phone.
  •  I Wish I Lived In A World Wher Mosquitoes Would Such Fat Instead Of Blood.
  • My Room Is Not Messy, It Is An Obstacle Course Designed To Keep Me Fit.
funny status
  •  Marriage Lets You Annoy One Special Person For The Rest Of Your Life.
  • All My Life I Thought Air Was Free….Until I Bought A Bag Of Chips.
  • Dear, I Know We Had Problems When I Was Younger….But I Love You Now.
fun quote in English
  •  I Am Currently Experiencing Life At The Rate Of 15 Wtf Every hour.
  • Remember If We Get Caught, You Are Deaf And I Don’T Speak English.
  • If I Had A Dollar For Every Smart Thing You’Ve Said I’D Be Poor.
  •  I Won’T Be Impressed With Technology Until I Can Download Food.
  • You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Hang Out With Me. I’ll Train You.
  • It’s Better To Be Absolutely Ridiculous Than Absolutely Boring
  • I Love My Six Pack So Much. I Protect It With A Layer Of Fat. 
  • Those men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, remember that where the knives are in the hand.
  • Don’t Live Your Life on Assumptions!! They are the Best for Physics and Maths!!
  • Marriage is like going to a restaurant and ordering your choice from the menu, And then looking at the neighboring table n wishing you”d ordered that.
  • It must be difficult to post inspirational status when your blood type is B Negative.
  • Boys think of girls like books; if the cover doesn’t catch their eyes, they won’t even bother to read what’s inside.
Funny Status in English
  • When I was born, this is so surprising I didn’t talk for a year and a half.
  • Married men should forget their mistakes. There is no need for two people, to remember the sam
  • If money grew on trees – girls wouldn’t mind dating monkeys.
  • When I will be on my deathbed, I think that my final words would be “I left one million dollars in the…
  • Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a ring.
fun quotes in English
  • If couples who are in love are called LOVE BIRDS, then couples who always argue should be called ANGRY BIRDS.
  • Do you realize that in about 40 years, we’ll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos?
  • Doing the moonwalk is the only way to look cool while wiping dog crap off your shoes.
  • The awkward moment when you know you shouldn`t laugh, but you do.
  • You`re beautiful until your Photoshop 30-day trial has gone.

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